Kunsthalle Bremen





Sine Umbra is currently developing a new project with the working title of Soma. A term that goes back to a specific way to conceive the body in the ancient Greek tradition, but also to the Indian and Persian spirituality, where it refers to a sacred drink used to reach ecstatic states. The project deals with the reality of trauma, in a dialogue between mind-body experience and the wounds of Italian landscape and society, between biopolitics and the concrete life of archaic symbols.

Memory, both individual and collective, and traumas are the focus of our narrative, told and lived by individuals stuck in a no-time. A fundamental part of the work is the close interaction between the members of the collective, that brought to a very specific approach to the creation of the installation.

The results of the project will be presented in a comprehensive multimedia exhibition at the Kunsthalle Bremen from Dec 4, 2020 to February 2021 . On selected dates the installation will be enriched by dance and music performances in collaboration with dancers from Theater Bremen.

The installation will be set up in four modern gallery spaces located on the ground floor of theKunsthalle. The artists have composed a complex arrangement that appeals to all senses and unifies spatial impressions, objects, light and darkness with videos, sound, music and texts.